Message from our Program Director:

The University of Ottawa Orthopedic Surgery Residency Program provides Canadian and International medical graduates with comprehensive training across all subspecialties of Orthopedic Surgery. The five year residency training program is based on a strong clinical teaching delivered primarily at The Ottawa Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Our residents are also exposed to outstanding collaborative basic science and clinical research opportunities. Moreover, our learning environment draws on innovative learning opportunities including surgical simulation, international surgical opportunities and weekly didactic orthopedic seminars along with outstanding clinical teachers. Ultimately, our residents complete their residency by obtaining certification from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and secure prestigious fellowships, both domestically and internationally. Our network of alumni includes outstanding clinicians and surgical leaders providing orthopedic care across every continent.

Karl-André Lalonde, MD M.Ed. FRCSC

Residency Training Program Committee Members

Wadih Matar MD MSc FRCSC: Community Representative
Megan Richards: Chief Resident
Brendan Swift: Junior Resident Representative
Sylvia Behrens: Program Administrator 

Current Residents

Graduating Class of 2023

Abdullah Alduwaisan
Luke Beaton
Andrew Caines
Brian Chen
William Hadden
Zoe Rubin

Graduating Class of 2022

Rashed Al-Ahmed
Mohammad Ameen
Stephanie Coupal
Paul Gauthier
Jonathan Howatt
Brendan Swift

Graduating Class of 2021

Mohammad AlSaqabi
Alexandra Bunting
Micheal Cochran
Matthew Coyle
Amedeo Falsetto
Massimo Petrera
Alenko Sakanovic

Graduating Class of 2020

Andrew Adamczyk
Kendrick Au
Kamal Bali
Youjin Chang
Ivan Kamikovski
Megan Richards
Akshay Seth
Alison Suraci

Graduating Class of 2019

Mahmoud Almasri
Olivier Gauthier-Kwan
Lisa Lovse
Meaghan Marien
Manisha Mistry
Kevin Rasuli

Resident Lectures

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