Research Staff

Johanna Dobransky, M.HK., CCRP – Clinical Research Program Manager

Johanna supervises the research staff at both the General and Civic campuses and engages in data analysis, knowledge dissemination, quality improvement project and finance management.
Location: General Campus
Jung-Kyong Kim, Ph.D., M.Sc. – Clinical Research Associate

Jung-Kyong (“JK”) supervises the continuous quality improvement (CQI) volunteer program and looks after the maintenance and staff training of the divisional electronic health record system.
Location: Civic Campus
Katie McIlquham, HBScHK, RKin – Clinical Research Coordinator

Katie coordinates over a dozen upper extremity studies and is the lead coordinator on an international multicenter hip fracture randomized control trial.
Location: General Campus
Yusra Al Mosuli, MD, PhD – Clinical Research Associate

Yusra Al Mosuli coordinates the division’s orthopaedic oncology clinical research trials and engages in several translational reserach projects in regenerative medicine and cancer therapeutics.
Location: General Campus
Kristina I. Vogel, M.Sc., B.Sc. – Clinical Research Coordinator

Kristina coordinates industry sponsored hip and knee arthroplasty trials.
Location: General Campus
Cheryl Kreviazuk, B.A. – Clinical Research Coordinator

Cheryl coordinates the adult reconstruction and hip preservation clinical trials within the division and assists with administrative aspects of abstract and manuscript preparation for conference and journal submission.
Location: General Campus
Dita Moravek, PhD – Clinical Research Coordinator 

Dita coordinates the Spine studies and leads the smoking cessation program within the division.
Location: Civic Campus
Nicole Harris, B.Sc. – Clinical Research Coordinator

Nicole actively coordinates single and multi-centre trials for the trauma, foot and ankle, hand and wrist, and arthroplasty clinical practice units.
Location: Civic Campus
Ishraq Rahman, B.Sc. – Clinical Research Assistant

Ishraq assists with recruitment for several ongoing studies and helps with research administrative tasks for adult reconstruction and hip preservation studies.
Location: General Campus
Ashley Perreault, RN – Clinical Research Assistant

Ashley Perreault assists with the coordination of our volunteer program in addition to ensuring the divisional electronic health record platform is optimally functioning.