Research Staff

Johanna Dobransky, M.HK., B.Sc. – Clinical Research Manager

Johanna supervises the research coordinators and assistants at both the General and Civic campuses and engages in data analyses, manuscript preparation, research ethics submissions, and looks after the research finances. Johanna believes in teamwork and efficiency.
Location: General Campus
Jung-Kyong Kim, Ph.D., M.Sc. – Clinical Research Coordinator

Jung-Kyong (“JK”) conducts many of the division’s more advanced statistical analyses, she coordinates a high volume of adult reconstruction studies, and collaborates with other sites. JK brings forth her systematic approach to ensure high quality of research output.
Location: General Campus
Katie McIlquham, HBScHK, RKin – Clinical Research Coordinator

Katie coordinates over a dozen upper extremity studies and is the lead coordinator on an international multicenter hip fracture randomized control trial. Katie’s passion for orthopaedics and her background in kinesiology are essential to our team.
Location: General Campus
Yusra Al Mosuli, MD, PhD – Clinical Research Associate

Yusra Al Mosuli coordinates the division’s orthopaedic oncology clinical research trials. Yusra is using her extensive medical training and basic science and clinical research experience to drive many multidisciplinary initiatives forward.
Location: General Campus
Kristina I. Vogel, M.Sc., B.Sc. – Clinical Research Coordinator

Kristina looks after various adult reconstruction studies and she liaises with collaborators and co-investigators in start-up phases of clinical trials. Kristina’s fine-attention to detail and problem-solving skills drive our studies forward.
Location: General Campus
Cheryl Kreviazuk, B.A. – Clinical Research Assistant

Cheryl’s responsibilities range from assisting with patient follow-ups, data entry, submitting research ethics board amendments and renewals, and maintaining the hip and knee databases. Cheryl’s organization, enthusiasm, and positivity are contagious.
Location: General Campus
Darren Roffey, Ph.D., M.Sc. – Clinical Research Associate

Darren leads the division’s Continuous Quality Improvement initiative and drives the spine research program forward, by coordinating various studies and writing manuscripts. Darren’s extensive experience and critical thinking abilities are great assets to the team.
Location: Civic Campus
Nicole Harris, B.Sc. – Clinical Research Coordinator

Nicole engages in ethics submissions, patient recruitment and follow-ups for the trauma, foot and ankle, and the arthroplasty clinical practice units. Nicole’s focused and methodical approach helps her coordinate over a dozen clinical trials with high quality.
Location: Civic Campus
Ashley Perreault, RN – Clinical Research Assistant

Ashley Perreault is assisting with the implementation of our CQI electronic database program. Ashley’s experience as a nurse allows her to work with the clinical practice units and information technology teams to ensure effective implementation.