Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

The responsibility of the Patient Safety and Continuous Quality Improvement committee (PS & CQI) is to monitor all orthopaedic activities and then to suggest and implement improvements. Our goals are to improve treatment results and the patient experience while reducing adverse events/complications. This process involves a committed group of surgeons, nurses, residents, physician assistants and PhD research experts who meet monthly.

The committee liaises with other Hospital Departments and Divisions to combine efforts and avoid duplication as we pursue our aim to meet/exceed Provincial, National and International Standards.

Please follow the link below to access our recent article outlining our CQI initiative.

Committee Members

Randa Berdusco MD MSc FRCSC, Committee Chair

Stephanie Antoniades MD, Resident Representative

Paul E. Beaulé MD FRCSC, Division Head

Natasha Casey MSc (Med) BHSc-PA CCPA, Physician Assistant

Stephen Kingwell MD FRCSC, Integrated Spine CQI Lead

Kelly Lafontaine RN BScN, Clinical Manager D7, Civic Campus

Nesrine Menikh RN, Quality Improvement Coordinator

Anna O’Brien MSc CCRP, Clinical Research Program Manager

Steven Papp MD MSc FRCSC, Director of Clinical Services

Stéphane Poitras PT PhD, Scientific Lead

Johanne Samson, Executive Administrator

Susan Saulnier RN BScN, Clinical Manager 6NE, General Campus

Mazen Younes MD, Hospitalist

Annual Report